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David Croydon/Various




224 x 297mm


0 9536850 0  4

Subject Category

History, Great Britain & IrelandBrillenium Cover

A coffee-table history of the village of Brill in Buckinghamshire, UK, published at the dawn of the third millennium, covering the past thousand years or more. Brill is a unique village with a unique story to tell.  Could any other village in England boast a history as rich and diverse as this?

Its 25 chapters, with over 30 different contributors, present a microcosm of rural English life and, arguably, of English history generally in the last millennium: from its royal residence and the visits of kings to a 900-year-old pottery and brickmaking industry; from the Common and windmill which define the village today, to a tramway conceived and developed by the Duke of Buckingham; from Civil War battles to the everyday stories of country folk.

It’s all here in a comprehensive social history that future generations could easily use as a text book on life in rural England in the second millennium.

"Brillennium" was published as a subscription-only limited-edition imprint of 750 copies and is sold out.  There are no plans currently to re-print, thus giving those in existence added rarity value.

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