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P.J. Goddard




234 x 156mm


0 9536850 1 2

Subject Category Fiction, generalLibidan Book


Libidan is the first black comedy of the biotechnological age.

At its heart lies the defining ethical question of the genomic revolution - when scientists can turn on and off at will the body's every genetic and biochemical switch, what will human life become?

Bill Kennedy develops medicines for rare hormonal disorders.  His life at the Research and Development Centre at Asper Pharmaceuticals is uneventful - until the freak laboratory accident that turns his humdrum world on its head. Libidan. A psycho-sexual stimulant of awesome potency.  A once-in-a-lifetime discovery to make him rich beyond his wildest dreams ... if only he can find a way to perfect the formula.

And so begins his journey into the emergent sciences of the new millennium, where synthetic designer drugs meet genetic engineering. A journey of exquisite physical ecstacies and chilling new moralities. A journey that eventually leads to the one man with the power to disassemble and reconstruct human life itself.

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