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The Wind In The Pylons

Critical Comment

"...beneath its cosy exterior is a savage satire on modern Britain."

Independent On Sunday

“Please read this book and be ashamed that you have sat back and let this happen - then arise from your apathy and do something about it before your children face an even bleaker future.”

David Bellamy - botanist, broadcaster and environmental campaigner

“I screamed with laughter.” 

Sir Roy Strong - writer and historian

"Lovett Jones’s timely rewrite of a classic novel provides a shocking reminder of how much and how fast our environment is being despoiled and degraded – often with the assistance of those who should be acting for the public interest. Read it – then join an environmental pressure group.

Tony Juniper – Executive Director, Friends of the Earth

"Rage transmuted into enchantment."

Marion Shoard - author of This Land is Our Land
The idea behind this book is brilliantly conceived.    What would our innocent friends of the Wind in The Willows have made of the modern day desecration of the countryside and ruthless pursuit of commerce over beauty?
The book is funny, sarcastic and biting.
Ann Widdecombe, MP
With this intelligent, biting parody of Wind in the Willows, the author explores the state of our lives and the English environment through the eyes of Mole, who has inadvertently stumbled into the future, into a world like ours.  The Weasels have won, not by battle, but by seducing the animals into unbridled pursuit of wealth. The result is not only degradation of the countryside by intensive farming, industrial development and urban sprawl, but loss of the rural dignity and serenity so beautifully portrayed in the original.   There are wonderful moments of bleak humour in this book, interwoven with savage insights into the narrow and morally bereft lives of those who control society through conspiracy between big business and political ambition. Toad’s descendant sits right at the centre of power, but happily still retains the family’s frightening yet entertaining habits.
Gareth Lovett Jones has captured the essence of Grahame’s writing style and acute observation, turning the original story upside down in a way that is uncomfortably close to home.  As I pass through the streets of our cities, the business parks and commuter villages that now invade so much of our countryside, I am constantly reminded of scenes and characters in this book. Read it and look around.
Brian Johnson
English Nature
[Unsolicited e-mail from a reader in Scotland]

I felt compelled to let you know how much I enjoyed The Wind in the
Pylons by Gareth Lovett Jones, which was purchased at my local
independent bookstore.

It presents a perfect blend of poignancy, humour and righteous anger and
is a wonderful expose of our corporate controlled political system with
all its negative consequences. The innocent presence and incredulous
reactions of Mole are a delightful reminder of the simpler view that we
have forsaken in exchange for the ever-elusive dream of happiness through
consumerism and growth ("explosive growth", even).

I shall certainly be recommending this book to friends as I can sincerely
say it is one of the most enjoyable, heartening books on topics close to
my heart that I have read. I can't wait for Volume 2!  Please keep me
informed of its publication.

Pamela Forsyth, Argyll

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