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P.J. Goddard






ISBN 0 9536850 5 5

Subject Category Fiction, general


Libidan BookEngland 2005: a new millennium has dawned, yet the nation’s laws, institutions and values interact to serve the interests of the wealthy and the powerful to an extent unseen since the Middle Ages. At the heart of this system lies the media – a new medieval church furnishing an unenlightened populace with icons that they may slavishly worship, infidels that they may jingoistically despise and a litany of beliefs that they may comfortingly intone, but which only serve to perpetuate their political and intellectual serfdom.

Into this modern age steps a forgotten man from history: Miles Coverdale, the 16th century preacher and biblical translator who fought in the vanguard of the English Reformation. Guided by characters and signs from the Book of Revelation, Coverdale sets out once again on the long and dangerous path to his divinely-ordained destiny: to discover the truth and make it known to the people of these islands in their own language.

Mixing history, crime-thriller and biblical apocalypse, ‘Criminal’ offers a searing indictment of the British establishment and the moral and cultural perspectives it propagates for its self-advancement.

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